Tour Maine Montparnasse
33 avenue de Maine- BP 154
75755 Paris cedex 15
Président Anne-Sophie KEHR
Contact Cathy BONIFACE
T. 01 56 58 67 21
F. 01 56 58 67 01

30 000 architectes en France

32 Maisons de l'architecture sur le territoire et 2 membres invités depuis février 2013 à Montréal et à Turin
Architecture Centre Network

Initiated by architects, the Network and its 32 Architecture Centres (Maisons de l’architecture) occupies a very specific place within the architectural and urban arbitration scene.

Whether by means of exhibitions, debates, visits, educational activities, field trips, workshops or publications, the Architecture Centres clearly demonstrate a willingness to get close to the “ end-user of architecture” and the citizen.

Beyond this need for closeness, the Network entrusts to the Architecture Centres the management of working parties and shared activities. Informed of the projects developed by all parties associated with diffusion of architectural culture in France, the Network is also presently active at a European level. The privileged representative of both public and private partners, it is involved in national, cross-border and European projects and activities.

The Network and Architecture Centres function due to both the commitment of their members and, public and private sponsorship. They benefit from the support from the Ministry of Culture and the Ordre des Architectes.

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